Thursday, December 31, 2009

Small World! A rescue dog story!

Small World!
A last minute call for tracking pictures found me going through my files.There was a picture of Molly when she learned to track back at Camp Jackpot. As we went to find the instructor for her lesson that day years ago, she kept pulling like a train, well a small train, towards the instructor's van. I assumed there were plenty of tasty treats inside so she wanted to get in there. I literally had to pick her up because she kept trying to leap up and into the van. The instructor's dog inside was furiously barking and Molly joined in. The instructor called in and told Missy to be quiet. With a funny feeling I looked in the van to see a border collie, one that looked somewhat familar. I asked Debbie if she had had the dog long and she said no, she was a dog she just got from rescue. I then asked where the dog was from. Ends up that Missy was an older neighbors dog that Molly used to play with all the time. Missy got to be too much for the older gentleman and suddenly she was gone. No wonder Molly kept trying to get in the van, she knew it was Missy. Missy got renamed and went on to become one of the elite Geese Police used to chase geese out of ponds. Anyway, the post from my blog about tracking includes one of Molly and Debbie all those years ago! Molly looked a little chunky then!

Resolution to do more with your dog? Try Tracking!

If , like many of us, you make a resolution to do more with your dog, you might try taking some tracking lessons.

It is a great activity for any dog that likes to follow its nose to treats!

Tracking is great fun for both you and your dog and can be done year round.

Once you know how to track , you can lay your own tracks and just get out and have fun.

All you need is a willing dog, a harness, a long line, flags to mark the track and someone to show you the ropes.
Let your dog do what he loves to do, follow his nose!

Here's to the new Year!

Christmas is gone , the lights still linger, but the tree is now a roost for the birds.

In the deep of winter, we still need lights to help remind us that the darkest days are now slipping by.

Here is to the New Year and hoping for the best for you and yours!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flowers for a Winter Day

Sometimes I just can't resist! The last couple of days have been cold and windy, not very cheery. At least it wasn't cloudy, but when I went to Costco , I couldnt resist getting some flowers. For a small price, they are a bargain. I can keep them all for myself or I can share some of them with others.
Treat yourself to something today, you are worth it!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The other side of the mountain

The brillant blue sky invited us to get out and go hiking. This time we chose the other side of the mountain range.

This is the view of the waterfall that we hiked to the other day.

To get to the cliffs , we had to bushwack their mountain laurel and the boulder field, but the view was worth it.

A view of Fort Valley

Looking down the mountain

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Frost Kissed Flowers

A cold night with plenty of moisture left hoarfrost on everything.
The blackeyed Susans still shine but now with frost

Queen Anne's Lace

Milkweed Pod

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The hike that took 30 years to do!

We have lived in Fort Valley for 30 years. For thirty years we have driven up the mountain road , always passing a waterfall on the hairpin turn.
For thirty years we have meant to hike up to the waterfall, and today was the day.

Since there is no trail , we had to bushwack to get to the falls.

It was the perfect day for a hike and we saw many beautiful lichens and mosses along the way.

Finally over the hill we could hear the rush of water, and made our way to the bottom.

It was worth the hike .

Dog lichen along the way

Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow holds the Scent for Dogs

Molly loves hunting in the snow, the snow holds the scent down and makes hunting easier. Once the snow settled some and the crust on top melted, she got busy, the woodpile is always a likely place to start.

She has scented something and goes on point, yes some JRTs point.
Up and over the snow.

She didnt get it this time, but she is always happy to try again!

My Snow Cat-Pilgrim in the snow

Pilgrim doesnt mind the snow and comes out to see what Molly is hunting.

He does some hunting of his own.

That rodent is somewhere down here.

Pilgrim and his shadow

What a face.

Hunting is no good so he goes to a more important job, cleaning off the snow.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remember how much fun sledding is?

Here in VA we dont often have enough snow for sledding. In fact, the past several years the snows have been only 4-6 inches deep.
This snowfall was perfect.

The kids were home for the holidays and got the sleds and toboggan out.

You really cant think of any troubles when you are busy trying to stay on a sled as it slips slides down the hill.

Maybe it is time to get the sled out again and enjoy an afternoon of sledding!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sun Kissed Snow

The last rays of light hit the newly fallen snow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Advice from a JRT

Wear your coat if you weigh under 15 pounds and it is snowing hard.

Stick to the plowed roads

If you must run, run under the trees, less snow is better when you are under 12 inches.

If you get stuck in the deep snow, keep plugging along till the human comes to the rescue .