Thursday, November 20, 2008

Caption Challenge! Best Caption wins signed Salty Dogs!

Starting this week, I am having a Caption Challenge!

I will post a new pic each week and on Sunday announce the winner. The best caption will win a signed copy of my photography book Salty Dogs .

All you have to do is leave a comment with your caption! I will then notify the winner to get your address.

Now check out this Salty Dog and leave a caption for him!

If you want to see the book you might win , check out my Salty Dogs the Book blog or visit my website

Jean M Fogle to see more learn more about the book.

Good luck and please pass this on to your friends!


ELK said...

I'm here from SS ~what a story about where your pup led you ...your blog is inspiring

Jean M Fogle said...

thanks so much for the kind words! You just never know where you will end up!

kevin4two said...

Poor Monty never had much luck with the ladies.

dragongourd said...

I can't figure out how to enter a caption for your contest.

Jean M Fogle said...

Just leave a caption for the picture on your comment to the blog!
I will then notify the winner and get the winners address

dragongourd said...

Just when I get my mouth set for a crab dinner, there's none to be found!

CherryPal: Computer Friend or Foe? said...

"Huh? I swear Barney Bush told me the weapons of mass destruction were around here somewhere..."


rachelosimpson said...

Hey! If you stick your head in here, you can hear the ocean!

Lynne's Lines said...

caption, "They'll never find me in here!"


Lisa said...

"Dang! It was just here a minute ago!!"

bermudabluez said...

"I just know I left that bone here SOMEWHERE!!"

Love your blog, Jean, keep up the good work!! Your food photography is very nice!


ELK said...

the Lesley Gore remake

"It's my Beach and I'll Cry if I Want To!"