Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My name is Jean M Fogle and for the last 13 years I have been a freelance photographer and writer. Freelancing in today's world means doing whatever you are offered in the way of work. For a number of years I specialized in dogs , but now I find myself doing a variety of work. It does keep things interesting and yes I have had to learn new tricks. Just this summer I decided I needed to learn to use studio lighting. Since learning lighting I have done a bike repair book shoot, photographed a book club and shot pictures of a starwatching event! I write about dog subjects, photography, water gardening, koi, and other gardening topics.Writing and being able to do the photography to go with each article makes each assignment fun and is a big help to busy editors .
Each day it seems like I do something different. Yesterday was a first, my very first shoot with donkeys as the subject. These aren't your regular donkeys, these are American Mammoth Jackstock.
When I first drove up to the farm, my first thought was that the fences must be small since the donkeys looked quite tall! I knew that the Jackstock are the largest breed of donkey, but these guys were the size of large horses! They were amazing to take pictures of !

Here is the first glimpse I got of the Jackstock donkey, see what I mean about thinking the fence might be shorter than normal?

Riding a Mammoth Jackstock donkey, the owner is quite tall so you can really see the size of this guy!

I loved their ears and their sweet disposition!

Mother and son

Surrounded by sweetness!

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