Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freelancers have to ignore Distractions!

Ya, right! If you believe that you haven't had office mates like mine.
I can be in a middle of actually getting an article done, when Pilgrim will suddenly jump up on the computer desk.
"What do you mean you don't want to pet me now?" After I dislodge him from the desk, I notice Molly is standing at my feet with a strange growth coming out of her mouth. Yes, another treat dispensing toy that needs some treats put into it!
Somehow, I do manage to get my work done . And yes, while I do have to put up with distractions, the distractions make me laugh and keep me sane!


tracey clark said...

these photos are cracking me up this morning!

albertaphotography said...

My office assistants also keep me smiling -- or at least get me outside for breaks (and exercise)! I miss having a cat.